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We've Made Surprises Just a Little Easier
Updated: 08/24/2010

New Feature: Add your address to your profile. (Don't worry, we'll keep it private!)

First Annual Wishzilla Holiday Wrap-Up
Updated: 02/01/2010

The dust has settled on the holiday season. Here's a recap.

Scroogenomics: Powerful economic incentives to use Wishzilla
Updated: 01/21/2010

Read our take on the book Scroogenomics by Joel Waldfogel

Wishzilla Featured on Fox 40!
Updated: 01/15/2010

Bethany Crouch and Chris talk about Wishzilla...

Ohio Family Goes All In On First Year With Wishzilla
Updated: 01/14/2010

An Ohio family discovers just how easy it is to transform gift giving with Wishzilla.

Did you receive a gift you KNOW will be regifted?
Updated: 01/13/2010

Did you receive a gift you KNOW will be regifted? Tell us!

Wishzilla on "Good Day Sacramento"
Updated: 12/21/2009

Watch us on "Good Day Sacramento" talking about ending bad gifts!

How To: Wire up Elmo Live to a computer!
Updated: 12/16/2009

Our old Elmo blew a circuit and had to be replaced. Here's how it's done.

Seven's Live Christmas Candy Cam
Updated: 12/12/2009

The Candy Cam is back and you can watch AND feed the dogs!

Can't find that perfect Holiday Card? Wishzilla can help!
Updated: 12/09/2009

We've designed a few FREE cards for your holiday greeting pleasure!

Hello to our new users from the Philippines!
Updated: 12/07/2009

The Manila Times included our Secret Santa feature this weekend!

Far-flung family Uses Wishzilla To Keep Gift Giving On Track
Updated: 12/03/2009

See how a family ranging in ages from 23-73 and spread across the country uses Wishzilla.

South Florida Sun Sentinel Shows How It Pays To Be Social With Wish Lists
Updated: 12/03/2009

Sam Liss of the South Florida Sun Sentinel gives a rundown of the best social media tools to help with holiday giving.

Fresno Working Dads Want to Help People Give Better Gifts
Updated: 12/01/2009

Doug Carey understands the value of Wishzilla. Read Doug's take on Wishzilla.

Twin Soup Joins The War On Regifting
Updated: 11/25/2009

Twin Soup Joins The War On Regifting - In their Own very Stylish Way

Thanksgiving Tradition
Updated: 11/24/2009

Make Updating Your Wish Lists Part of Your Family Holiday Tradition

S.HOP Talk Knows Gift Giving And They Love Wishzilla!
Updated: 11/23/2009

SHOPtalk Joins Our War on Regifting By Setting Up a Wishlist

Regifting Isn't Green
Updated: 11/23/2009

The best way to go green this year is to help your friends and family get you what you need.

ReadWriteWeb Has 5 Ways To Shop Different
Updated: 11/12/2009

Wishzilla included in list of 5 Great Sites for Simplifying Holiday Shopping

Learning from you
Updated: 11/06/2009

Your stories of how you use Wishzilla keep us going and help us create a more useful service.