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Twin Soup Joins The War On Regifting

The war on regifting is picking up steam.  One of the terms for something that is regifted is a "White Elephant." When someone opens a gift that is destined to become a White Elephant, it seems like everyone in the room knows that their gift is on a fast track to pachyderm land.

The ladies at Twin Soup, know a lot about how to give good gifts.  They also have unfortunately seen too many bad gifts. This has gotten them to join our war against regifting.

You can read their reasons at TwinSoup or just read our favorite parts below:

"Time to let Wishzilla step in – the internet wishlist that makes giving easy, and receiving way more fun.

Simply set up a free account, send an invite to family and friends or connect through Facebook. Each member can personalize their very own wants — keeping it general (backrub, babysitting request or suggested donation to a charity) or getting down to the specific brand, color, size and price of it. 

Upload a picture and give a URL link or store name for some extra fool proofing.

And don’t worry, you won’t give or receive two of anything unless it’s a Jimmy Choo stiletto. When a gift is bought and wish fulfilled, the item is â€locked” without the recipient knowing — ensuring no re-gifting or returning."

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