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Once Upon a Time, at Grandma's House...

Grandma's gift box (not really this box, but you get the idea)

...there was a gift box.

Grandma's gift box looked like any ordinary recipe box full of 3 x 5 cards. However, instead of recipes for food Grandma's cards held recipes for fun and appreciation. Each card held a wish, and was neatly filed under each family member's name. When it came time to buy a gift for somebody, we would make a visit to Grandma's house and have a look at that person's cards.

Grandma's box made gift giving fun, since you always knew that the person would like the gift you got them. Now, I'm not going to lie: it also made gift GETTING fun too, since you always got stuff you actually wanted!

Old Gift Box Server

Grandma's little gift box led to this website, which was launched in 1995 as The Gift Box Server. However, instead of living in Grandma's house, this gift box can be found wherever anybody in your family gets on the internet. Despite all the newfangled bells and whistles, though, the main principle of Grandma's box lives on: to provide a fun and convenient way for family members to share their wishes and express their love.

In 2008 Grandma's gift box further developed into, complete with new tools and features to make gift giving more fun than ever. Families and other groups can set up and personalize their gift boxes, with each member listing both specific wishes and general preferences that help others find just the right size, color, or style of something they need or want. Best of all, when a gift is bought and the wish fulfilled, the item is locked so that others won't mistakenly buy the same thing — all without the recipient ever knowing anything about it, thus preserving the surprise!

We hope that this web site brings as much joy and closeness to your family as Grandma's gift box brought to ours. Happy giving!