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ReadWriteWeb Has 5 Ways To Shop Different

And look at that!  They included Wishzilla!

Go ahead and read the whole article at ReadWriteWeb, or take our word for it and just read the good parts like:

"For quick, decisive, and possible all-online gift-buying, coerce every potential gift recipient into signing up at Wishzilla. The creators of this site have kept the clear-cut, actionable sensibility of the gift registry while maintaining the element of surprise."


evangeline show [+]hide [-]
2010-01-29 22:30:43

This is awesome! We always use Wishzilla.

horace show [+]hide [-]
2010-01-29 22:42:18

You can add wishes that aren't online. I don't know what they were talking about.

eek show [+]hide [-]
2010-01-29 23:12:40

Yup, you can.