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Hello to our new users from the Philippines!

Lots of families and offices use a "Secret Santa," as a way to make sure everyone gets a gift while being kind to the bank account.

Did you know you can use Wishzilla to run your Secret Santa program? To set up your family for Secret Santas, you need to be the family manager and first make sure your family is set up with all the family members who will be participating. They need to be active members, not just invited members! Open up the family management (under the family just click the "manage" button) and select the "Secret Santa" tab.

Click on the "Setup Secret Santa" button at the bottom and just follow the directions!

While we've talked about Secret Santas and Wishzilla here, we didn't know that they were big in the Philippines as well. But, they are, and they use Wishzilla! Read all about it in the Manila Times.