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South Florida Sun Sentinel Shows How It Pays To Be Social With Wish Lists

Sam Liss of the South Florida Sun Sentinel gives a rundown of the best social media tools to help with holiday giving.

Here's the beginning of the article:

"If you didn't hit the malls on Black Friday, don't worry. There's plenty of time to get your holiday shopping groove on, and social media can help.

The lastest trend that seems to be picking up steam is "gift wish list" tools on Facebook, Amazon and eBay, or on specialty sites like Wishzilla and Wists. It's a pretty simple concept: You make a list of presents you would like to receive, and the list can be shared or searched for by friends and family. While it may seem a little awkward to tell people what to buy you, there are many who will appreciate the help, and it is less awkward than getting someone a gift they don't like."

You can read the rest at  Sun-Sentinel.