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We've Made Surprises Just a Little Easier

Have you ever wanted to send someone a small gift or thank you card but just could not find their address? You wrote it down a dozen times but somehow it never made it into your address book, so you end up having to call that friend or family member to ask for it again and now your surprise isn't quite so surprising. Well, we here at Wishzilla know the feeling and have added a new feature to fix that problem. Now you can add your address to your Wishzilla profile and have all your friends and family members do the same. When they add their information, you can just log in, check their wishlist, buy them a gift, and have access to their address without even closing your web browser!

First off, let's reiterate how much we value your privacy here at Wishzilla. We make your profile private by default. We never sell your email address or even show it to anyone for that matter. And when it comes to adding your children, you get to pick and choose exactly who views their information as well. So, with the addition of our latest feature, we kept your privacy our number one priority. Whether your profile is private or public, only your friends and family members will be able to see your address.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your address and keep the surprises coming. Who knows who might send you something?


Rob show [+]hide [-]
2011-12-08 20:23:01

This is great!