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Ohio Family Goes All In On First Year With Wishzilla

Barb in Ohio describes her husband as “a tool man. He’s incredibly hard to buy for.” She usually has a list that gets made throughout the year of tools that he might be interested in for gifts.  This year, that list got a little more specific when the whole family started using Wishzilla.

When her husband put exactly what he wanted on his list, Barb was able to get him the right tools for the job, and it even saved them a bit this year since she was “going to buy him something bigger and better.” 

This was the first holiday season the extended family of six used Wishzilla.  Their daughter Tami found us through a story about Wishzilla on a blog (she can’t remember which one, but we’ll forgive her).

“It was so easy to sign up and use that I shared it with my family via email and a link to the site,” said Tami.  “Everyone got on board and signed up with their wishes for the holidays.  It made our shopping so easy this year, knowing that we were getting folks exactly what they wanted!”

With Barb’s family, their use of Wishzilla didn’t stop on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, they all updated their wishes. Barb’s birthday falls soon after Christmas and when she updated her wishes, she made sure to include specific items that fall within the price ranges that each family member could afford to spend.

Building and updating Wishlists on Wishzilla is great, but what the family really loved was that they could lock down wishes without other family members seeing that they had been locked.  They figured out how to build and share their lists and lock down Wishes on their own as Barb says she is “not a direction reader.”

That’s what we love to hear. So easy, it doesn’t need directions, just wishes and people to share them with.


molitvenikyv show [+]hide [-]
2010-01-14 20:12:25

Nothing has simplified my Christmas shopping more this year, than using wishzilla. Once my whole family signed up, it was such a breeze and joy locking gifts and knowing that you are getting exactly what that person wants. No one knew what I was getting them, and at the end they were surprised, and I was happy to give a meaningful gift. Opening presents this year was a really fun experience. I had no idea what I got, but I was excited about opening every present, because I knew that it would be something I asked for. Having a helpful tool as wishzilla saved so much time on shopping and long hours in the parking lot traffic, and helped to refocus on what Christmas is really all about. In the busyness of shopping and trying to figure out what to get people, we do really miss out on actually spending time with our family and enjoying the season with those we love. Thank you wishzilla!