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Regifting Isn't Green

Green? We think not.
Green? We think not.
This holiday season you're probably going to read a lot about how "green," it is to regift and that you are saving resources by giving something that someone has already bought.  We respectfully disagree with that concept.

The best way to go green this holiday season is make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to get you something that you really need. This might be something that you would have bought, or also something that you need or want to do. But at the core, it's making sure people don't waste resources on unnecessary gifts that you will end up rewrapping (using more wrapping paper), and just giving to someone else.

So, join us in helping make "green," the first color of the holiday season this year, and join us in our war on regifting.  Make a list here at Wishzilla and share it with your friends and family so they don't waste money on things that you don't want or need.

Support the war on regifting with others by using the hashtag #waronregifting on Twitter. Together, we can put an end to regifting.