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Thanksgiving Tradition

Do you have a holiday shopping tradition? We asked around our offices and Chris has one he'd like to share.

"In my family for the last several years, one of our Thanksgiving traditions is that after dinner and dessert and games, people pass around a laptop. The Black Friday shoppers make sure that everyone has cleaned out their obsolete gifts as well as try to get them to add new things so the shoppers have an idea of what to look for on Black Friday."

We understand that not all families pass around the laptop after dinner. Some may opt for a more traditional cheese plate after pumpkin and pecan pie. But Chris and his family are on to something here. Wish lists aren't static; things change throughout the year. You might not be as interested in golf as you were earlier in the year. Or maybe you couldn't contain yourself and went out and bought that leopard print Snuggie on your own. Don't worry. If you did, we won't judge you.

So take the time to update your Wish List. Your friends, your family and the person who was going to buy you the Snuggie will thank you.