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back’s Wedding Wish Registry...

Couples Build Wish Lists Together That Will Grow With Their Relationship

West Sacramento, Calif. (PRWEB) March 29, 2010 -- Bridal couples can break out of the constraints of registering for “wedding gifts,” with As more and more couples already have established households when they get married, they no longer want the traditional gifts of pots, dishes or the ubiquitous crystal frame. Wishzilla’s Wedding wish list allows couples to share with their guests what they want most – from a donation towards a down payment on a house, to a coveted painting from a local art gallery, to a quirky side table from an antique store.

Wishzilla’s Wishlist lasts forever, and can be expanded upon as the couple builds their life together and celebrates other momentous events such as anniversaries and births.

“Traditional wedding registries are a great way to plan gifts for a wedding, but what happens after the wedding? They are forgotten,” said Rob Watts, Wishzilla’s CEO. “We’ve created a way for couples to keep this list growing as they grow together.”

At, people can create Wishlists of things they want, need or would like to be part of – from coveted products to time with a loved one – and share their wishes with friends and family so time and money won’t be wasted on gifts that aren’t wanted or needed.

To create a Wedding Wishzilla:

  • Create a Wishzilla Wishlist
  • Make it public and viewable to all
  • Invite friends and family
  • Add to the list as you add to your life together

Last year, Wishzilla declared war on regifting, which is primarily caused by bad gift giving. Bad gifts happen at weddings, holidays and anytime people try and share their affection. The best way to minimize the chance of bad gifts is to let those in your life, know what you need.

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