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Secret Santa comes to Wishzilla

It's the time of year when some of our families take out that hat, throw in everyone's name, and you pull out that special person you will be buying a gift for.

Think of Wishzilla as the hat.

Oh, and you have to admit that you'll occasionally get the same person you had last year, or someone you're a bit too close to (or not close enough to... you know who I'm talking about). That name goes right back in the hat while you take a quick do-over.

To set up your family for Secret Santas, you need to be the family manager and first make sure your family is set up with all the family members who will be participating. They need to be active members, not just invited members! Open up the family management (under the family just click the "manage" button) and select the "Secret Santa" tab.

Click on the "Setup Secret Santa" button at the bottom and just follow the directions!

You can either have Wishzilla automatically choose all of your Secret Santa recipients, or you can have each user confirm who will be giving gifts to whom. It's super easy!

Once you have it set up, each user will see a little Santa hat on the family member they need to buy a gift for. Just look for it in your family list.

Happy (secret) wishing!