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Wishzilla Declares War on Regifting

Build a Wishlist and Save Friends and Family From Forcing You to Regift.

West Sacramento, CA -- November 18, 2009 -- Wishzilla of West Sacramento, California today declared war on regifting. Regifting is the giving of a gift you received, but did not want, to someone else. While this sounds like a good idea, regifting is an extension of the wasteful behavior of giving unwanted or unnecessary gifts. Wishzilla wants to prevent regifting by stopping the giving of bad gifts and helping people give meaningful, personalized gifts.

“Some people act like regifting is a good thing, when it is really enabling the behavior of bad gift giving,” said Rob Watts of Wishzilla. “There’s an easy way to put an end to this scourge of the holiday season: have a wishlist on Wishzilla, and no one will have to wonder what you need again.”

Whether it’s a sweater with an unfortunate design, fondue pot number three, or another blanket with sleeves, there’s no limit to the bad gifts that good people have been forced to regift.

The first battle in Wishzilla's war on regifting is helping people share what they want or need with their family and friends. Please don’t force your loved ones to give you bad gifts that you have to act like you are excited to receive. Show you care by helping them give better gifts and in the process saving you the pain of rewrapping and regifting.

To help Wishzilla bring an end to the pain of regifting, please go to and create your own free wishlist today. Then share your list with your family members and Facebook friends.

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