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Wishzilla Helps Turn Wishes Into Reality and Banish Bad Gifts With Easy To Use Wish Lists

West Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2009 -- Wishzilla of Sacramento, California has introduced a better way to give and receive gifts. At, people can create Wish Lists of things they want, need or would like to be part of – from coveted products to time with a loved one – and share their wishes with friends and family so time and money won’t be wasted on gifts that aren’t wanted or needed.

“Some people have a special gift of knowing exactly the right present to get for people,” said Chris Osborn of Wishzilla. “I’m not one of those people, so I created a way for my friends and family to share ideas for gifts and make sure they wouldn’t get the same gift twice or receive something unwanted that had to be re-gifted.”

The genesis of Wishzilla was Grandma's Gift Box, an ordinary recipe box full of 3 x 5 cards at Chris’s grandmother’s house. But instead of recipes for food, Grandma's cards held recipes for fun and appreciation. Every card held a wish and was neatly filed under each family member's name. When it came time to buy a gift for somebody, you would make a trip to Grandma's house and have a look at that person's cards and add a wish or two of your own.

Grandma’s Gift Box was brought online as the “Gift Box Server” in 1995, and has since been used by lots of families to make their gift giving a fun and enjoyable time for everyone. Now, the Gift Box Server has become, complete with powerful tools that make it easy to share wishes with friends and family, without needing to make that trip to Grandma’s house.

How It Works

To make lists work, you have to start a free account on Wishzilla has tried to keep this as simple and pain free as possible, and if you have a Facebook account, you can connect your Wishzilla account with Facebook. Once your account is started, you’re off and running.

You Can:

  • Create a Wish List
  • Share the list with friends and family
  • Include items or wishes that aren’t online in your list, such as a romantic picnic, babysitting your child, helping clean out the garage or a suggested donation to a favorite charity

Friends and Family Can:

  • Lock items so other users won’t get the same thing, without the original wisher knowing anything about it
  • See what you really want or need, and easily coordinate with other family and friends
  • Stop wasting money, time and resources buying things that will be returned or not used

Wishzilla is free for users and can be accessed at

About Wishzilla

Wishzilla, LLC is a Traction Systems ( venture created to make it easier for people to give great gifts. More information is available at