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Wishzilla Welcomes Your Suggestions

Remember that time when your brother mentioned how much he wanted that new video game, and you'd already bought him a camera? Or how about the time your mom kept mentioning how much she wanted that digital picture frame and was disappointed when nobody got it for her?

Lots of our users have been asking for this feature, so here it is! Now you can secretly make wish suggestions for friends and family. It works a lot like making wishes for yourself, only you add the wish as a suggestion for someone else. Just look for the little add suggestion button on the upper right corner of their wishlist.

If you are on your home page, you can quickly access all of the wishes you have suggested for others just by clicking on the “suggested” tab. If you're viewing someone else's wishlist, you can view their suggestions by clicking on their “suggestedwishes” tab.

You can lock suggestions just like normal wishes, only the lucky recipient won't know about either the suggestion or the lock (unless you tell them and ruin the surprise, of course).

Suppose a user has no unlocked wishes (their wishlist is empty). In that case, viewing their wishlist will just show suggestions, making it super convenient to view what others have suggested without having to switch over to a different tab.

Managing someone else's wishlist?

For those of us who manage wishlists for other users who can't take care of it themselves, now you can just log in as yourself and suggest wishes for anyone without logging out!

Happy suggesting!!