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Apple Cinema 20-inch Flat-Panel Display more details...

Description: I need the second monitor for my work at home. You really need two monitors.

Available at: amazon.com

Approximate price: $130

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Avenir Men's 100 Series Mountain Saddle (Black/Silver) more details...

Description: Men's bike saddle for mountain biking
Gel foam padding molds to your shape, reducing pressure points
Strong, sturdy steel rails with handsome satin finish
Durable vinyl cover

Available at: amazon.com

Approximate price: $17.46

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Starbucks Card | Starbucks Coffee Company more details...

Available at: starbucks.com

Occasion: anytime

Approximate price: any amount

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The How Not To Cookbook more details...

Description: While the typical cookbook format gives you a recipe for obvious success it does not take into account the many ways in which its execution can fail due to the cook's lack of experience. Based on Aleksandra's personal history of cooking disasters, the project invites 1000 people from all around the world to give their advice of how NOT to cook. With this volume, any reader will be more than well equipped to avoid making the same mistakes in their kitchen.

Available at: aleksandramir.info

Approximate price: I don't know!!



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Vitaliy Zavorotny


July 29, 1984
(Age: 38)

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