[artwork] Mixology Prints by Sheila Evans more details...

Description: Sheila is a local Spokane artist whose stylized paintings of cocktails I love. I can't afford originals, but I'd love some reproductions. I especially like Aviation and Manhattan from the list of reproductions. I already own Negroni (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Available at: mixologyart.blogspot.com

Approximate price: $35

[artwork] NASA Visions of the Future posters more details...

Description: NASA released these kickass "tourism" posters for different exoplanets and I've always wanted a few, printed out and framed to hang on my wall.

I'm a big fan of The Grand Tour, Jupiter, Kepler 16-b, and Trappist 1-e designs. And Earth.

Available at: jpl.nasa.gov

[artwork] Your Heart is a Muscle print more details...

Description: Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist.

Keep loving. Keep fighting.

Available at: justseeds.org

Approximate price: $15

[board game accessory] Cloth drawstring bags more details...

Description: As part of the universal board game kit I'm developing, it would be useful to have a number of generic drawstring bags in different colors. These bags should be wide enough that a person could stick their hand in there. I have a couple similar bags already that are around 8" wide and 9" tall/deep, and that works pretty well.

As my note below indicates, my top priority is a bag in each of the primary colors of the piecepack: black, red, yellow, and blue. Then one each of green, orange, purple, and white, and then maybe a neutral bag or two.


Top priority: Red, yellow, blue, black
Second priority: Orange, green, purple, white
Low priority: Neutral (undyed/natural/brown)
[board games] Crokinole board and pieces more details...

Description: Crokinole is like shuffleboard and pool: a game of precise angles and very slippery surfaces. Ever since watching the Shut Up and Sit Down review of Crokinole, I've wanted my own board.

Good Crokinole boards tend to be handmade, and I'd much prefer a board made by an artisan than a mass-produced one.


It's important to me that the board have a circular (not hexagonal or octogonal) trough surrounding it.
[board games] Games on my BoardGameGeek wishlist more details...

Description: Check out the attached link to see my BoardGameGeek wishlist, which is roughly ordered according to priority. By poking around, you may also be able to see my collection, so you can check if I already own a game.

Please note: as of 2019, I'm trying to carefully limit the new games I acquire. I'm primarily interested in game accessories, game systems (like Looney Pyramids, which I own), or games that are beautiful and handmade (like Crokinole). I won't say no to games on this wishlist, of course--I put them on a wishlist for a reason!--but I'm not dying for new board games here.

Available at: boardgamegeek.com

[book] Open Legend Core Rules Book more details...

Description: Open Legend is a role-playing system like Dungeons and Dragons. It's available online, but having an actual physical book would be really useful for running games.

Available at: openlegendrpg.com

Approximate price: $40

[book] The Self-Suffiency Bible, by Dawson more details...

Description: Either hard or softcover is fine.

Available at: amazon.com


Please buy from local booksellers (not Amazon) if at all possible. <3
[book] The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games more details...

Description: Or some other treeware book of games to play with a deck of cards.

Available at: amazon.com

[booze] Bottles of interesting liquor more details...

Description: I'm always up to acquire more tasty and peculiar liquors to mix into tasty drinks.

[booze] Scotch more details...

Description: scotch scotch scotch

I love smoky, peaty scotches.

[computer] 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM more details...

Description: I know this brand of RAM works with my motherboard. My board has two RAM slots and one is currently taken up by an 8GB stick, so 16GB in a single stick will give me a good boost and make it feasible to upgrade to 32GB (total) in the future if I so choose.

Size: 1x16GB

Available at: newegg.com

Approximate price: $65

[fountain pen] Fountain pen ink more details...

Description: Right now, most of my fountain pen ink is in the form of little 2 oz. samples. I'd love bigger bottles of colors I like.

I'm partial to rich, vibrant gem tones. I prefer inks that are waterproof, although that's not a dealbreaker for me.

You can use the Goulet Pens Ink Comparison Tool (linked) to view standardized swabs of a wide variety of inks.

Available at: gouletpens.com

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[furniture] Office chair with back support more details...

Description: I'd like to upgrade my office chair to something with wheels, armrests, and some back and butt support. I'd prefer something primarily white. I like the look of the one linked.

Color: White

Available at: amazon.com

Approximate price: $260

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[gadget] Apollo AirVape Legacy vaporizer more details...

Description: Do I need a new herb vaporizer? Of course not.

Would I like one? ...yeah.

Available at: airvapeusa.com

Approximate price: $250

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Occasion: Birthday '20
[gadget] Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ and accessories more details...

Description: I want to use a Raspberry Pi to run OctoPrint, which is management software for a 3D printer. To that end, I'd like to get:

- Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ (or B, or Raspberry Pi 4--the important thing is it has onboard WiFi and is NOT a Pi Zero)
- Power adapter and cable for the Raspberry Pi
- MicroUSB cable to connect Raspberry Pi to printer (I really like the Anker brand)
- MicroSD card
- Raspberry Pi Camera Module
- Extension cable for camera module

Occasion: Birthday '20

[journaling] Lemome dot grid journal more details...

Description: I use one of these journals every 6 months.

Lemome makes remarkably good journals. The pages are fountain pen-friendly and well-aligned, and the books have a back pocket, a bookmark, an elastic band to keep the pages shut AND a pen loop.

I strongly prefer dot grid pages. A far second is square grid pages. Please do not buy me blank or ruled pages--those don't work for how I journal.

As far as I'm concerned, I could keep the next several years of my journaling life in Lemome books and be perfectly happy.

Available at: amazon.com

Approximate price: $20

[kitchen gadget] Cooking oil sprayers more details...

Description: Rachel and I are trying to decrease the waste we generate in our home. A couple cooking oil sprayers like this would help us cut down on our usage of canned cooking oil.

[kitchenware] Glass salad dressing cruet more details...

Description: This is a very low-priority wish, but man, it'd be nice to have a nice bottle for mixing and storing salad dressings.

[media] Case Logic DVD Album with Liner Notes more details...

Description: A large disc wallet with capacity for liner notes would allow me to get rid of all my bulky DVD cases and consolidate my DVDs, while retaining some semblance of order. As a sucker for design and layout, losing the movies' cover art is unthinkable to me, which is why I prefer this wallet over one that doesn't store liner notes or covers.

Storing the covers is non-negotiable for me; I have no interest in storing my DVDs if I can't keep the cover art. Easily reordered pages (binder-style) is a plus.

Available at: amazon.com

Approximate price: $35

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$20-30 per season
[media] Mr. Robot Seasons 2-3 (4K Blu-Ray) more details...

Description: This is one of my favorite new TV shows and I want to own it.

4K Blu-Ray is preferred if available. If not, regular Blu-Ray will do.

Approximate price: $20-30 per season

[shoe care] Saddle soap and leather protector more details...

Description: My grey leather desert boots are my favorite shoes, but I also need to take care of them. Saddle soap and leather protector will help.

Color: Colorless/Grey

[shoe care] Shoe tree more details...

Description: A cedar shoe tree would help me take care of my beloved boots.

[shoes] Clarks Desert Boots (Beeswax Leather) more details...

Description: More shoes.

Size: US M 9

Color: Beeswax Leather

Available at: zappos.com

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[tool] Circular saw more details...

Description: It would be nice to upgrade my circular saw to something highly recommended.

Wirecutter's recommendation used to be the SKILSAW SPT67WM-22 circular saw.

Approximate price: $100

[tool] Swanson Speed Square (metal) more details...

Description: Wirecutter recommends an original Swanson Speed Square as a tool for a workshop, especially if you have a circular saw.

Approximate price: $10

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Able Archer Buttpack more details...

Description: My old messenger bag is on its way out, and I'd love to upgrade.

Available at: ablearcher.co

Approximate price: $250

Stamps more details...

Description: I love sending post, and can always do with more stamps.



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