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Description: 2010 Paris: A Love Story Calendar

Spend the year dreaming of Paris…(I know I will.)

This lovely calendar features 12 of my favorite scenes from my last days in Paris. Printed on premium, iridescent, pearl card stock. (Similar to my postcard sets.) You will love the way they sparkle in the light.

Each page measures 5″×7, and is a little work of art, perfect for giving.

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Approximate price: $29

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Occasion: Someday...when money is no object. :)
Nick's Cove | Point Reyes more details...

Description: Nick's Cove is a small settlement composed of buildings built mainly in the 1930s, some on land and five on pilings over the beach of Tomales Bay. It is located on Highway 1, on the east shore in the northern part of Tomales Bay, south of the Walker Creek estuary. The cabins at Nick's Cove have existed in this location for almost 70 years.

The development of Nick's Cove by Nick and Frances Kojich and Andrew and Dorothy Matkovich reflects a number of historical themes which are important to the Tomales Bay area and the California coastal area in general: The rental cabins served a growing American populace on the move, spurred by the development of the automobile and the improvement of roads. Beginning in the 1920s, and especially after World War II, Californians sought after recreational outlets with their new-found leisure time.

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Occasion: Someday...when money is no object. :)

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