Wishzilla's Office Toys

All work and no play makes Wishzilla a dull office! We like to amuse ourselves here at Wishzilla, and you can join in on the fun. See what we're up to on the webcam, leave us a message on the LED sign, or even feed the dogs!


It takes a lot of work making everybody's wishes come true. See what we're up to on our live webcam. Oh, but if it's dark and you don't see anyone, we probably went home for the night. We're people, not elves.


Seven and Ozo are the office dogs. If they're in the office, you can feed them candy LIVE from this page. And don't worry about giving the dogs candy, because it's not really candy. It's dog food. It's just different dog food they don't normally get at home.


The Wishzilla sign is our only link to the outside world. Well, not really. But it does show us news, Twitter feeds, and other information. More importantly, you can leave us a message that will post LIVE on the sign.