Once Upon a Time, at Grandma's House...

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...there was a gift box.

Wishzilla.com originally was The Gift Box Server, a site that came about from a gift giving system in the founder of this site’s family. A recipe box with 3 x 5 cards was kept at one central family member’s house (Grandma’s house). The box contained a set of cards filed under each family member’s name. Each member used one card for each gift they wanted. When a family member was ready to shop he or she removed cards of items for anyone they were planning to shop for. After shopping, the cards of all non-purchased gifts were returned to the box.

This system worked out well in that family members received gifts they wanted instead of non-useful items. Those that gave the gifts felt good about what they gave. Recipients never knew who was going to give them what. Although a clever way to handle shopping for family, there were downfalls. Often it was hard to get to Grandma’s house to pick up cards or to return them in a timely matter for those items not purchased. It was easy for family members to see what they were getting by noting which cards were missing.

Thus, in 1995 the gift box site came into being. For the first time, everyone in the family had access to the World Wide Web. The timing was right. The site allowed family members to join together as a group. Each person was able to log in remotely to add and view gift items. No more driving to Grandma’s house. Not only that, when someone decided to buy a specific gift for another family member they could lock it online. The recipient could not see what was locked so he or she had no idea if a particular gift would be received or not.

For a long time this was the essence of The Gift Box Server. Countless families all over the world have logged on and set up families, many have raved about the amazing convenience, and ease of use. And, many have had ideas and suggestions for enhancements.

This year a lot of those ideas and suggestions have come to fruition as The Gift Box Server was enhanced and enriched and became Wishzilla.com. As before, families (or groups) can be set up, personal information can be added to help a purchaser choose the right size, color, or style when shopping, and gifts, in the process of being purchased, are locked. Each member cannot see who locked what on his or her own wish list.