New family

So, you want to add a new family?

You have two options: join an existing family or create a new family.

Joining an existing family

If someone in your family has already created your family on Wishzilla, they must invite you. This policy exists for privacy reasons so that members of the public cannot search out your family name, members, or email addresses.

So, to join an existing family, please contact the person who set up your family on Wishzilla and ask them to invite you. How you contact them is up to you. We suggest making a phone call, or typing up a quick email message, or just asking them nicely over breakfast.

Starting a new family?

Are you starting a new family? First, you need to find or make some new or existing people to be related to. Or pets. We like pets, too! Once you have your family established, make sure you create your family on Wishzilla! Just click the button below to get started.