This is usually your last name, but can really be anything you wish.

Family Image

This image will be used on the little icon that is next to your family's name.

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Family Members

Here are your family members. If you trust someone enough, you can make them a manager as well. Managers can invite new members, remove members they don't like, and do other nefarious things, so choose wisely!

NOTE: Removing a user from this family does NOT delete that user's account or wishlist. Users may belong to as many families as they are invited to be members of.

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Add Members

For children or those without email addresses, leave the email address field blank. You will be able to manage those wishlists yourself from your login.


Open Invites

These are the unfortunate family members who have been invited but have not activated their accounts. These poor souls are suffering through a wish-free existence and don't even know it! Call them up, text them, email them, or as a last resort, delete the invite (you can always try again later).

Nickname Delete Invitation

Secret Santa Setup

If your family does Secret Santa gift giving, Wishzilla makes it easy to set up and manage your Secret Santas and their recipients.

Secret Santa is a fun holiday tradition of randomly assigning who gives a gift to whom. Every Secret Santa participant will be responsible for secretly giving a gift to someone in your family or group. Click the button below to set up your Secret Santas now!